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Meetings are in-person but also provided by Zoom for members that cannot be present.

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If you would like a courtesy invitation to attend selected Zoom meetings in order to learn more about us, please email club president Diane Bovenkamp (d_bovenkamp@yahoo.com) to request a Zoom link. 



July & August   Time for Members to Pay their Dues (renew membership)
Thursday, July 25


In-Person Only

Guy Alston: “Putting AI to Work for You”


I have loved science and technology all my life. I read every science and tech book in my elementary school library at the local Enoch Pratt Library. And, in 1981, I got my first computer, an Atari 400.

My love of technology led me to my 40-plus-year IT and technology career in the fields of healthcare, education, defense, and television sectors.

An early photography influence was my grandfather, a Polaroid fan who took all his family photos with some kind of Polaroid camera.

Then in 1989, my father gave me my first camera (a Minolta X700). Actually, my father thought it was broken because it didn’t seem to work when someone gave it to him. But all it needed was a battery.

Then I spent the ‘90s trying to take photos that I thought would come close to the ones I saw in the Kodak Guide to 35mm Photography. I, unfortunately, failed miserably.

My interest in photography renewed as digital photography emerged. In trying to get my wife to take pictures for herself, I realized her camera eventually would become my camera. The photo bug got me once and for all with smartphones, which caused me to purchase my own point-and-shoot camera.

When my wife passed, a couple of grief counselors in Hamden introduced me to grief photography. That's when I decided to do a deep dive into photography. And since my wife's death, I have fully embraced my creative side.



Guy will share his experiences with “old school computer graphics, give a brief overview of AI and the tools used in AI programs, and then demonstrate how to get your art into AI and train the program to generate various versions of your art.

August 1 New Club Year Starts Remember to Pay your dues
Thursday, August 8 Board Meeting  Monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Church.
Thursday, August 8



 Leo Lubow: "What the Masters Can Teach Us"

Description: What makes a great photographer?  What makes a great photograph?  In this projector-driven presentation, Leo will show both his work and the work of such masters as Ralph Gibson, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus, Arnold Newman, Ansel Adams, and Alfred Eisenstaedt as he explores the importance of finding your visual signature, and as he reviews capture and post-processing techniques/tips to aid in that process. Focusing on tone, form, point of view, metaphor, and helpful guidelines of composition, Leo will identify the elements that comprise a fine-art image, all toward one end: to help you refine both your eye and craft as you shape your own special vision.

Bio: Leo Howard Lubow is a writer, educator, and award-winning photographer who specializes in portraits, headshots, commercial & promotional images, and street & fine art images. He teaches photography one-on-one and in association with educational organizations such as Johns Hopkins University (The Odyssey Program).  His work (articles & images) has appeared in various publications and media, including Simon & Schuster, The Huffington Post, Good Morning America, Downbeat Magazine, Jazziz Magazine, The Luminous Landscape, The Baltimore Sun, NBC Sports, NPR.org, Baltimore Magazine, Style Magazine and American Dog Magazine.  Lubow has also photographed pro-bono over 250 billboards/posters for the Show Your Soft Side Campaign, an anti-animal abuse effort that enjoys a world-wide audience. 

In his personal work, Lubow’s interest lies in the individual or lone traveler, separated from the mainstream of life, whether it be a musician lost in the music, a sailboat racing a storm, a street artist with no audience, or a displaced person sleeping beneath a billboard of vampires.  In short, he looks for emotional resonance in the isolated moment.  Lubow lives in Owings Mills, Maryland with his wife, Annette, and their two dogs, one of whom is very bad.

Website: https://www.lubowphotography.com/

Saturday, August 10  Workshop LIGHTROOM CLASSIC WORKSHOP
Date: August 10, 2024 Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Many photographers struggle with what to do with their images once they shoot them. Have you placed an image in critique night or competition only to have it rejected due to postproduction flaws and other issues? Well, this 6-hour Lightroom Classic Workshop is just for you.

Many photographers have asked me my secrets of editing and why do I edit in Lightroom Classic. This has been my response of why I have learned to use lightroom Classic exclusively for my main editing.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful tool for organizing, editing, and enhancing photos. Lightroom offers a wide range of features that can help photographers improve their workflow and achieve professional-looking results. Some key reasons for photographers to learn Adobe Lightroom Classic include:

1. **Organizational Capabilities**: Lightroom provides efficient tools for organizing and managing collections of photos. It allows photographers to easily categorize, keyword, and rate images, making it simple to locate specific photos when needed.

2. **Editing Tools**: Lightroom offers a wide array of editing tools that are specifically designed for photographers. These tools enable users to adjust exposure, color balance, sharpness, and other aspects of an image to enhance its overall quality.

3. **Non-Destructive Editing**: One of the main advantages of Lightroom is its non-destructive editing workflow. This means that edits made to a photo are not permanently applied to the original image, allowing for easy experimentation and undoing changes if needed.

4. **Batch Editing**: Lightroom allows photographers to apply edits to multiple photos simultaneously, saving time and ensuring consistency across a series of images.

5. **Integration with Photoshop**: Lightroom seamlessly integrates with Adobe Photoshop, enabling photographers to further enhance their images with advanced editing techniques if necessary.

Overall, mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic can greatly benefit photographers by streamlining their workflow, improving the quality of their photos, and providing them with a versatile tool for image editing and organization.

If you feel that these topics can benefit you and take your photo images to the next level up, then this workshop is for you. The workshop attendance has been limited so, that all participants can get the most benefit and personal attention whenever possible.

***Location: Emagination Photography Studio by Kenny Epps 526 Berrymans Lane, Reisterstown, Md 21136 (this is Kenny Epps’ new Home Photography Studio). Kenny’s contact info: ken@kennyeppsphotography.com,

Phone: 410-978-8828

***What to bring: Your Computer with Lightroom Classic up to date with your operating system, computer mouse or Wacom Tablet. Paul will supply a series of images for demonstration and to work on. Please bring all cables, charged batteries and means to write notes. One important item to bring: a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and have fun as Paul inspires you to learn.

***A light Lunch will be provided for the class.

***The fee for this 6-hour workshop is only $100. Your payment should be made out to Kenneth Epps, the sponsor of the Lightroom Classic workshop.

***Notes on instructor: Paul Biederman is an awarding-winning photographer who has earned degrees in Master of Photography, Master Photographic Artist, and Photographic Craftsman with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). He loves to share his experiences and knowledge. His main genre is nature photography, and more specifically, birds and macrophotography. Paul is accomplished in macrophotography, floral and animal photography, digital artistic painting, compositing and sports photography. He enjoys critiquing and editing photographic images, competing in and judging photographic contests, and teaching.

Thursday, August 22  Program Member Critique Night: One image per member. Upload image to Visual Pursuits/ “Member Programs – Critiques” Gallery/’Member Critique, Aug. 22, Critique Gallery Upload Instructions
Thursday, September 5 Welcome Back Night Presentation of the best images for 2023-2024 will take place. Join in on congratulating those who win trophies and those who win medals.
Thursday, September 12  Board Meeting  Monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Church.
Thursday, September 12
Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, September 19  Program  Burke Seim: Service Photo
Thursday, September 26

In-Person Only

Print Competition
Thursday, October 3


 Program  Connie Imboden: 50-Year Retrospective
 Thursday, October 10 Board Meeting  Monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Church.
Thursday, October 10  Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, October 17  Program  Corey Frey - https://www.coreysfrey.com/
Thursday, October 24 Competition
In-Person Only
Print Competition
Thursday, October 31  Program Member Critique Night: One image per member. Upload image to Visual Pursuits/ “Member Programs – Critiques” Gallery/’Member Critique, Aug 22, Critique Gallery Upload Instructions
Thursday, November 7  Competition  Digital Competition
Thursday, November 14 Board Meeting  Monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Church.
Thursday, November 14  Program Patrick Joust 


Thursday, November 21  No Meeting  
Thursday, November 28 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, December 5  Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, December 12 Board Meeting  Monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Church.
Thursday, December 12
Holiday Party  
Thursday, December 19
 No Meeting  
Thursday, December 26
 No Meeting  
Thursday, January 2  Program Member Critique Night: One image per member. Upload image to Visual Pursuits/ “Member Programs – Critiques” Gallery/’Member Critique, Aug 22, Critique Gallery Upload Instructions
Thursday, January 9 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, January 16  Program  
Thursday, January 23 Competition  Digital Competition
Thursday, January 30  Program  
Thursday, February 6 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, February 13  Program  
Thursday, February 20  Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, February 27  Program  
Thursday, March 6 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, March 13  Program  
Thursday, March 20   Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, March 27  Program  
Thursday, April 3 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, April 10  Program  
Thursday, April 17  No Meeting  
Thursday, April 24  Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, May 1  Program  
Thursday, May 8 Competition 
In-Person Only
 Print Competition
Thursday, May 15  Program  
Thursday, May 22  Competition Digital Competition
Thursday, May 29  Program  
 June   Summer Session Begins – Meetings Every Other Week
Saturday, June 5  Competition  End-of-Year Competition - Closed to Members
Thursday, June 12 Feedback Night Come share your feedback on making BCC better. Refreshments served.
Thursday, June 26  Program  
Thursday, Jul 10  Program  
Thursday, Jul 24  Program  
 Aug 1 New Club Year  Remember to pay your dues
Thursday, Aug 7  Program  
Thursday, Aug 21  Program  
Thursday, Sept 4 Welcome Back Night Presentation of the best images for 2024-2025 will take place. Join in on congratulating those who win trophies and those who win medals.

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