Revised, 7/19/2011

Revised 3/13/2016



1.0       CHAPTER 1



There shall be five classes of membership: Active, Joint, Student (through age 22), Honorary and Honorary Life Membership. (Revised 9/15/2007)


            1.1       ACTIVE - Any person  whose dues are current for the fiscal year membership.  Active membership shall carry with it all the rights and privileges of the Club.


            1.2       JOINT - Any active member of the Club and one household member (residing at the same address) to Joint-membership shall have all the privileges of the Club. (Revised 9/15/2007)


             1.3      HONORARY - Persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Club or to Photography may be presented for honorary membership.  They shall be elected as provided for in Section 2; they shall have the privileges of the Club but shall have no vote, nor shall they hold office.


            1.4       HONORARY LIFE - Any active member who has rendered outstanding service to the Club may be elected to Honorary Life membership by unanimous vote of the Board.  Such Honorary Life membership shall carry with it all the rights and privileges of Active membership without the payment of dues.


            1.5       STUDENT -  Any member who is between the ages of 16-22 and is actively enrolled in a learning institution a minimum of 20 hours a week.


            1.6       SUSPENSION - Any member whose dues are not paid for the current year is not entitled to the benefits of club membership. (Revised 9/15/2007)


            1.7       RESIGNATION - Any member who chooses to terminate their membership forfeits any dues paid for the season. (Revised 9/15/2007)




                        1.8.1    CHARGES AGAINST A MEMBER - Charges against a member shall be made in writing and presented to the President.  The President shall appoint an investigating committee of three members of the Board who shall investigate the charges and report their findings and recommendations to the Board for action.  A two-thirds vote of the Board shall be necessary to expel a member.  A member expelled shall not again be eligible for membership.


                        1.8.2    CHARGES AGAINST THE PRESIDENT BY A BOARD MEMBER - Charges against the President by other Board members shall be made in writing and presented to the first vice president who shall appoint an investigating committee of one Board member, not to include the first vice president, and two club members in good standing.  The investigating committee will report findings and recommendations to the full Board which may relieve the President with majority vote of the Board.  (Added 2016)


                        1.8.3    CHARGES AGAINST THE PRESIDENT BY MEMBERS - Charges against the President by general members shall be made in writing to the first vice president and signed by those members bringing charges.  The first vice president shall appoint 5 non-board members in good standing to investigate and make recommendations to the full membership.  The findings and recommendations will be  distributed to all members, who will be notified of a vote to be held at the second regular meeting after the distribution of findings and recommendations.  The President will be relieved of office by a majority vote of those present. (Added 2016)


2.0       CHAPTER 2 (Revised 2016)

Fees and Dues


            2.1       MEMBERSHIP FEES -


                        2.1.1    Upon application a membership fee is due, which is subject to change, according to the voting regulations of the club, as economics requires.


                        2.1.2    Changes in membership dues, active, student and joint, must be approved by the board by June 1 and announced to the membership by June 15. 


                        2.1.3    The revised membership fees will take effect in the next fiscal year of the club. Membership fees are not refundable. (Revised 2016)


            2.2       FEE CHANGES - Changes to the fees will be noted in the Board minutes and published on the Club website. (Added 2016)


            2.3       STUDENT FEES - Student (ages 16-22) membership fees shall be set at one half of the Active Membership fee and payable in advance, due September 1, or upon application for membership.

            2.4       FEE EXTENSIONS - The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, and upon written request, extend the time up to one month from the first meeting in September in which payment will be received or waive such dues from members in arrears owing to illness, financial difficulties or travel; this with the proviso that any member more than thirty days in arrears shall, during such period of arrearage, forfeit the right to vote, hold office or compete in Club competitions.


            2.5       NON-PAYMENT OF FEES - Any member in arrears in his membership fees  shall not be in good standing and any member ninety days in arrears in his dues will result in suspension of the member..


            2.6       REDUCED MEMBERSHIP FEE - Any individual accepted to active membership between January 1 and August 31, and not previously a member for two years, will be subject to membership fees at one half the annual membership rate for that time period only, payable upon application.  This provision does not apply to Joint or student memberships. (Revised 2016)


3.0       CHAPTER 3

Nominations and Elections


            3.1       NOMINATING COMMITTEE -


                        3.1.1    At the first meeting in April the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee, whose duty it shall be to submit to the Club at the first meeting in May the names of the members it feels qualified to hold and fill various offices.  Their report, however, shall not be final. 


                        3.1.2    Any MEMBER in good standing is eligible for nomination from the floor before the election takes place. 


                        3.1.3    The consent of a nominee must be obtained before placing his or her name in nomination.


            3.2       ELECTIONS - The President shall supervise the election of the Officers by conducting a vote of nominees, at the club feedback meeting, usually the first week of June. A majority of votes cast by members present shall elect. 


            3.3       ELIBILITY FOR NOMINATION


                        3.3.1    Names not nominated cannot be voted. 


                        3.3.2    No member shall hold more than one elective office concurrently.


            3.4       ENTRY INTO OFFICE - Elected officers shall assume their official duties of their office at the beginning of the fiscal year, which shall be August 1.


4.0       CHAPTER 4

Duties of the Officers


            4.1       PRESIDENTIAL DUTIES


                        4.1.1    It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors unless the duty is delegated to another Board of Director member in advance of the meeting. 


                        4.1.2    The President shall be the ex-officio member of all committees and shall administer the affairs of the Club. 


                        4.1.3    The President shall make all special committee appointments, subject to the approval of the Board unless otherwise provided for in these BYLAWS.  (Revised 2016) [Comment: the chairs of the standing committees (programs and contests) are elected offices and therefore not appointed by the President; the first and second vice presidents respectively and are designated by the Constitution Article 10.]


                        4.1.4    The President shall approve all matter to be sent out for publication by the Club and shall endeavor to assume active leadership of the Club at all times.


                        4.1.5    The President shall be responsible for overseeing the Treasurer and reviewing financial (bank) statements, expenditures and income. (Added 2016


            4.2       FIRST AND SECOND VICE-PRESIDENTS - It shall be the duty of the First and Second Vice-Presidents to assist the President in the duties of the office and in order of their rank to assume the duties of that office in the absence of the President.  Each Vice-President shall act as Chairman of a standing committee as stated in Article 10 of the Constitution.


            4.3       SECRETARY - The Secretary shall keep an accurate record and minutes of all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.  The Secretary shall keep a complete and full file of all Club correspondence and shall fulfill all other duties usually incumbent on the office.


            4.4       TREASURER - The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies of the Club in a bank subject to the signature of the President or Treasurer. 


                        4.4.1    The Treasurer or designate, shall send bills for dues on August 1 to all members in accordance with Chapter 2 of the BYLAWS. 


                        4.4.2    The Treasurer shall maintain an up-to-date list of all members.


                        4.4.3    The Treasurer shall pay all bills and expenditures. 


                        4.4.4    The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements and report monthly to the Board the financial condition and also at each annual meeting. 


                        4.8.5    The books, records and files of the Treasurer shall be at all times at the disposal of the Board of Directors or any appointed Auditing Committee.


5.0       CHAPTER 5

Duties of the Board


            5.1       The Board of Directors shall be the administrative body of the Club and as such its legal representative. 


            5.2       They shall be responsible for and administer all properties and monies of the Club. 


            5.3       They shall make such rules and regulations as is necessary for the government of all standing committees and special committees. 


            5.4       They shall meet monthly, or on call of the President, or three members of the Board for the transaction of regular or special business.  The Board will distribute the minutes of each Board meeting to the membership. (Revised 2016)


            5.5       A quorum of the Board shall consist of two thirds of its members . (Revised 2016)


6.0       CHAPTER 6 (Revised 2016)

Standing Committees


            6.1       APPOINTMENTS - The Chair and members of all Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Board unless otherwise provided for in the BYLAWS.  The chair of a committee may submit to the President for consideration the names of members to serve on various committees as necessary.  committee chairs shall report monthly to the Board and on call at any regular meeting of the Club.


            6.2       REMOVAL FROM COMMITTEES - The President may remove at any time any member of a committee for lack of interest or attention to his duties.


            6.3       PROGRAM - It shall be the duty of this committee to arrange for speakers, demonstrations or exhibitions at each meeting of the Club.  They shall (as far as possible) cooperate and work with Contest Committee.


            6.4       CONTEST - It shall be the duty of this committee to supervise and be responsible for all exhibits at the Club and of the Club.  They shall see (as far as possible) that prints are returned to donors in the same condition in which they were received and use the utmost care to protect entries or property loaned to the Club by members or others.  They shall, in cooperation with the Program Committee, arrange all contests among the members.  They shall make such rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the Board, as they deem necessary to conduct these contests in a fair and impartial manner.


Rules and regulations for contests should be drawn and published on the website and available upon request.


MEMBERSHIP -  The Membership Committee which shall be formed as needed shall be composed of not less than three members.  They shall consider ways and means of increasing the Club's membership, welcoming and educating new members and, with the approval of the Board, instigate and direct any campaign for that purpose.


HOUSE - It shall be the duty of this committee to see that the Club quarters are kept in proper order and that the Club property is not defaced or destroyed; to provide adequate space and equipment for the holding of meetings and demonstrations, to contract and oversee the installation of facility improvements  previously approved of the Board.


 CAMERA FIELD SHOOTS - The President shall appoint a chair person who shall be responsible in planning and of conducting camera field shoots


CHAPTER 7 (Revised 2016)

Special Committees


            7.1       The Chairs of all Special Committees shall be appointed by the President.


            7.2       Special Committees shall report to the Club or Board as ordered by the President when appointed.


            7.3       At the first meeting in April, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, whose duty it shall be to consider and recommend to the Club for nomination at the first meeting in May the names of those members it feels are qualified to hold the various offices and serve on the Board.


            7.4       The President shall appoint, as desired, a Mentor Chairperson whose duty it shall be responsible for planning and conducting a mentor program within the club to educate club members who have expressed an interest in improving their photographic skills.


            7.5       The President may appoint committees of one or more for any cause or purpose the President may deem necessary, or as ordered by the Club or Board.  Their duties shall be outlined by the President and they shall cease to function when their work is finished and reports made as ordered.  All Special Committees shall report to the Club or to the Board as ordered by the President.


8.0       CHAPTER 8



            8.1       The Club shall meet weekly for the purpose of Lectures, Demonstrations, Contests, or Business during the active season of September 1 to June 15 and biweekly during the summer season June 16 to August 31.


            8.2       At the first meeting of the active season the President and Board shall make a brief report of the club’s financial status, committees and Board of Directors; and schedule highlights  for the coming year.