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Baltimore Camera Club meets every Thursday night
Mount Washington United Methodist Church
5800 Cottonworth Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

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The meeting starts at 8:00pm.  Please arrive at 7:30pm for socializing and club business. 

Weather Cancellation Policy
When Baltimore County Schools are closed, close early or cancel evening activities we will not have the scheduled meeting.

Visitors are always welcome!

Baltimore Camera Club Spring Seminar
A Wild Life Duo - Chuck Glatzer and Ellen Anon

March 19, 2016
Goucher College, Towson, Maryland
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Baltimore Camera Club Spring Trip
June 10 to 12, 2016
Guesthouse Lost River
Lost River, West Virginia
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2015 Calendar

Event Information
Thursday February 11
Program 9

Norm Barker will present his latest book: EverGreen Museum and Library which will be published in a large coffee table book by Johns Hopkins University press in the spring of 2016. This presentation covers a behind the scenes look at several techniques of both studio and architectural photography that were involved to document EverGreen's unique fine and decorative arts collection.

Norm is a professor of Pathology and Art as Applied to Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University and is Director of Pathology Photography and Graphics Laboratory. He specializes in photomicroscopy and macro photography.
Thursday February 18
Digital Competition 6

Thursday February 25
Program 10
Nikhil Bahl

Power of Simplicity and Expression
Thursday March 3
Print Competition 6

Thursday March 10
Program 11

Reflections: A Lecture by Connie Imboden

"When I first discovered the beauty and complexity of reflections and the human body in1983, I had no idea it would continue to captivate me to this day, 30 years after the first exploration in a puddle of water. I am fascinated by the reflective and sometimes altering qualities of water and mirrors. Photographing the figure through complicated layers of reflections and distortions redefines the human form, creating an entirely different experience of the body.

Though it looks as if it has been manipulated through Photoshop, darkroom or camera techniques, my work is all seen through the camera. I work intuitively, without a conscious goal or an idea of what I want to convey, and Iím often surprised at the unexpected connections to mythology, psychology, and science that have emerged in my work. Through striving to make forms make sense visually, I trust that the metaphor and the poetry will follow.

My visual exploration and creative process has led to the development of images that push beyond traditional boundaries of how we interpret and understand the body and reveal new ways of seeing it. I look forward to sharing my experience with an intuitive creative process, the profound insights it has revealed along the way, and the evolution of a lifetimeís worth of work."

Connie Imboden has taught for over 25 years, as faculty at The Maryland Institute College of Art as well as instructing various workshops throughout the United States, France, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emerates.  Her photographs have been exhibited in an extensive range of group and solo shows at galleries and museums across the Americas, Europe, and China.  Four monographs of Imbodenís images have been published, and her work has been featured in numerous national and international publications.

Thursday March 17
Digital Competition 7
Theme: Spring

Saturday Marcy 19
Baltimore Camera Club Spring Seminar
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Goucher College, Towson, Maryland
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Thursday March 24
No Meeting
Easter Thursday
Thursday March 31
Program 12

Thursday April 7
Print Competition 7

Thursday April 14
Program 13

Paul D. Biederman: Successful Macrophotography

The seminar will discuss and demonstrate 3 limiting aspects of overcoming/compensating for shallow depth of field, movement and light. He will present/discuss options for field and studio macrophotograpy.

Paul is an  accomplished macro-photographer for 45 years. He loves macrophotography to explore and capture that which is normally unseen (especially in Nature), enjoys the technical skills MP demands, and sharing his knowledge and insights with others.
Thursday April 21
Digital Competition 8

Thursday April 28
Program 14

Thursday May 5
Print Competition 8

Thursday May 12
Program 15

Thursday May 19
Digital Competition 9

Thursday May 26
Program 16

Thursday June 2
Program 17
Feedback Night, Elections and Second Annual Ice Cream Social
Saturday June 4
End of Year Closed Judging

Friday June 10 - Saturday June 12
Spring Trip
Lost River West Virginia
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Thursday June 16
End of Year Banquet