Membership / Dues Payment 2019-20

Step 1. Set-up/ Verify Visual Pursuits Account Information

New Members:

Setup Membership Account in Visual Pursuits software -

Existing Members:

Log In to you Visual Pursuits software account -

Go to My Account/ My Account Settings and verify membership data

(1) Leave "Honors" and "Member ID" blank.  We do not use this information.

(2)  If desired, please provide information about yourself and your interests in photography in the comments section.

(3) All memberships are "Full, Competing Memberships"

Step 2. Complete the Release of Liability Form

Release of Liability Form

Send a signed copy of the Release of Liability Form by email to Richard Caplan (Treasurer),  Returning members do not need to resend the form if it is already on file.  If you are unsure whether the form is on file, please check with Richard Caplan.

Step 3. Pay Dues

Pay Pal

Membership Type

By Check - Pay in person at any Thursday meeting; give checks to Richard Caplan (Treasurer), Scott Houston (Membership) or Jim Voeglein (President)